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Beer Tastings

What is actually the difference between conventional lager and craft beer? What is an ale? A lager? What does top or bottom fermentation mean? What makes a good porter? What is actually the difference between a stout and a traditional Austrian dunkles? And what does coriander and orange have to do with beer? 


If you want to immerse yourself more in the world of beer and have always wanted to learn all about the differences between the different styles and types of beer, then this beer tasting is just right for you. After a short introduction to the history of beer, we will taste different types of beer as well as beers from S & B's own production. The beers will not only be tasted, but also closely examined in smell, colour & taste. Come with our beer sommelière Tina on a tasty journey through the world of golden happiness.


If you are also interested in combining beer with food, then our food pairing courses are just right for you.


Duration: 2 hours (minimum 8 beers)
Participants: 5-10
Costs: 49.00 € (incl. tour of our brewery)


Tue 13th of Feb, 17:30 

Tue 23th of April, 17:30

Tue 4th of Juni, 17:30

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