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Brewing classes & beer courses


Homebrewing Course

Not only do we brew beer, but we are also happy to teach you! If you've always wanted to know how grain becomes beer, then this is the course for you. This hands-on workshop is suitable for all beer lovers, who want to start brewing at home. More information here.


Food Pairing

Not only will you gain an insight into the exciting world of food pairing and the different beer styles, but you will also be able to indulge your palate with various delicacies and beer combinations. More information here.

Beer Tastings 

If you want to immerse yourself more in the world of beer and have always wanted to learn all about the differences between the different types of beer, then this beer seminar is just right for you. More information here.

Voucher available

How about treating your friends or family with a voucher for one of our courses? Get a S&B-voucher here.

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