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Food Pairing 

With the increasing popularity of craft beer, fine food is not only delicious, but the correct pairing of beer can greatly enhance the dining experience.  Beer styles are extremely variable, and much like wines, beers can easily be paired with an entire multi-course menu including dessert.


During this course, you will not only gain an insight into the exciting world of food pairing and the different beer styles, but we will also spoil your palate with a variety of fine delicacies (5- 6 courses)  with their beer accompaniments.


Duration: approx. 3 - 4 hours

Participants: 5-10
Costs: 95.00 € (incl. tour of the brewery) 

Please let us know if you are vegetarian/vegan or have any allergies/intolerances.


Tue 3rd of Oct, 17:30

Mon 20th of Nov, 17:30


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