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brewing class

Brewing at home - An Introduction to brewing


Have you always wanted to brew your own beer at home but have no idea where or how to start? Our introduction to homebrewing course has been designed to help people start brewing at home. We brewed beer in our small flat and so can recommend and answer any questions you may have. Besides the practical part of the course, there will also be enough time to taste some of the in-house beers together with homemade Aussie pies. 


The course covers all aspects of brewing in order for you to make delicious beer at home. Participants will work in pairs using standard homebrew equipment to produce a 20 litre batch of beer. Each pair will get to

  • decide on a recipe

  • mill and mash the grains

  • extract and boil the wort

  • start the fermentation of you beer


We bottle the finished fermented beer for you.

Everyone gets about 1 crate of 330ml bottles.

This course is aimed at people who have no experience of brewing beer and want to start simple home brewing on a small budget.

We will give you an insight into the exciting world of beer and its raw ingredients and gives you the skills, techniques, know-how and recipes to start brewing at home.

Participation: 4-8
Duration: approx 6 hours
Costs: 180.00 € (incl. all ingredients, recipes, lunch, drinks, self-made brews to take home) Please let us know if you are vegetarian/vegan or have any allergies/intolerances.


Sun 14th of April, 10:00 - FULLY BOOKED
Sun 23rd of June, 10:00

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