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At S&B we are constantly brewing our classics as well as new and exciting one-off beers.

This is all thanks to our to our small brewery. It gives us the freedom to get creative... and we are are not scared to use alluring and exotic ingredients to produce some unique brews.

And we love to showcase these beers by rotating them through our tap room served with delicious home made food.

Due to our small size, our beers on offer are constantly changing and not always avliable. Follow us on social media to keep up with out latest releases and planned beers!





Flea Bag

Our craft lager is crafted with the intention of preserving the traditional crisp and clean taste that defines a classic lager, while also providing the drinker with an enhanced and memorable experience.

Our Fleabag lager proudly stands as our flagship lager beer, offering a medium body that strikes the perfect balance. With its gentle bitterness and subdued hoppy notes, this beer provides a truly enjoyable and refreshing experience.

Building upon the success of our Fleabag lager and Paw Pils pilsner, we aim to continue to grow our range of lagers providing  even more delightful styles to enjoy.


IPA- Hut Dog.jpg

Hut Dog
Session Ipa

At S&B, we take pride in offering a wide range of IPAs that cater to diverse preferences. Our selection spans from classic bitter IPAs to lighter and fruit-forward New England IPAs (NEIPAs).


Whether you prefer a malty IPA or crave the intense flavours of a double IPA, we have brewed it.

We strive to continuously provide a rotating selection of our finest IPAs that keeps you coming back for more.


Porter- Rescue Me.jpg

Rescue Me
Oaked, Smoked chocolate porter


We love a good porter at S&B.

We take pride in the meticulous selection of roasted malts that form the foundation of our Porters. These roasted malts add a rich and robust flavour profile and the chocolate notes that add a smooth and luscious character to the overall taste.

The complexity and depth of flavours in our porter are further enhanced through the addition of smoked malt, spices, and other carefully selected ingredients adding to the overall drinking experience.

pale ale

Lord of the Sheep

LOrd       sheep
Pale Ale



Border collie

We brew our Pale Ales with the purpose of showcasing the vibrant aromatic profile of carefully selected hops. Through meticulous hop selection, we strive to create a truly captivating and flavoursome experience for every beer lover.

Varieties such as Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, Victoria's Secret, and Citra, just to name a few, are lovingly and thoughtfully incorporated into our Pale Ales. Each of these exceptional hops is carefully chosen to accentuate their individual flavour profile, showcasing their distinctive and delightful characteristics.

Belgian WIT

Belgian Wit- Cobble Classic.jpg

Cobble classic
Belgian Wit


We take great pride in our range of Belgian-inspired beers.


Our lineup includes a refreshing Belgian wit, Cobble Classic, spiced with coriander seeds and orange peel. And for those seeking a more adventurous options, our SE Asian Wit, brewed with fresh ginger and lemongrass provides a unique twist on this Belgian wit style. Our Belgian Tripel, The Monk's Downfall, is a big hitting brew that embodies the strength and depth of this style. 

So whether you are searching for a classic Belgian wit or the excitement of inventive variations, our Belgian-inspired beers have you covered.


Zirben Ale- Pining Pup.jpg

Pining Pup
Zirben Ale


In response to the Austrian love for Zirben Schnapps, we have creatively incorporated its distinctive pine flavour into a range of beer styles.

We infuse fresh zirben pine cones into our beer providing a truly unique and unforgettable drinking experience. Our offerings have included the Zirben Ale, Zirben IPA, Zirben Wit, and a Zirben Pale Ale, all crafted to showcase the unique pine characteristics.

These pine-infused brews celebrate the rich flavours of Austria while pushing the boundaries of craft beer exploration.

Other Ales

Golden Ale - Loaded Dog.jpg

loaded dog
golden ale

Whether it be a recognized beer style or an innovative and creative limited release, we take great pride in offering a wide array of options beyond the styles mentioned above. 


We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new flavours, constantly striving to surprise and delight our customers with unique and exciting brews. Our commitment to innovation ensures that there is always something fresh and intriguing to discover at our brewery. 


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